Sorry we have no vacancies at the moment.


Notice to Recruiters and Agencies:

Polymer Techniques Ltd will not pay any fees for recruitment activities related to the hiring of a candidate unless an agreement has been established between a duly authorized representative of Polymer Techniques and the recruitment/placement agency and/or firm prior to the submission of the candidate.


In the situation of receiving unsolicited CV’s from a recruitment/placement agency and/or firm Polymer Techniques Ltd reserves the right to pursue and hire those candidate(s) without any financial or other obligation to the recruitment/ placement agency and/or firm where:

No request has been made by Polymer Techniques Ltd for such CV’s.

2. Prior authorisation has not been given to send such CV’s to Polymer Techniques Ltd.

3. There is no signed agreement between Polymer Techniques Ltd and the recruiter/agency.

 Agencies that persistently send CV’s to Polymer Techniques Ltd will be subject to the above and may be blocked from our email system.



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