When you need an Oring and cannot find a stock part, Poly-Tech brings you;


The Vulcanised Cord Ring

Cord-Ring-S If moulded tolerances are not necessary or the lead time is too long, we can manufacture you a Vulcanised Oring.

Available in 35 cross sections (1.78Ø thro 30.0Ø) and inside diameters from 60.0mm (no upper limit).


We hold large amounts of cord here in our Sheffield factory for conversion into Orings for fast shipping.

         FKM 75, 90 shore  -  Fkm 75 FDA compliant  -  NBR 60, 70, 90  -  VMQ 70 Red FDA compliant,

                                           Epdm 70  -  Epdm 70 FDA + KTW (peroxide cured)  -  Aflas® 75 and new arrival White Epdm 70 FDA


Our manufacturing lead time for Cord Rings is 3 working days, yes just 3 working days !!!!!!

Subject to arrangement we have a Priority Red same day or next day emergency service.


This product is intended for static compression applications only.        Want more information?

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