There are many sources of Encapsulated Orings and Gaskets but few can rival Poly-Tech when it comes to product quality, value for money and good old fashioned customer service.

 Encapsulated O'rings

Encap Group The Encap-Oring comprises a jacket of Fep or Pfa placed seamlessly over an energising core of Fkm, Silicone or Epdm. This product is virtually unaffected by chemicals and enjoys a service temperature range from -60C to +260C. A truly versatile seal suitable to the most hostile of environments.

Inside diameters begin at 5.28mm Ø with no upper diameter limit. Cross sections (more than 40) from 1.60mm thro 32.0mm Ø. Hollow core in Silicone for low compressive loading applications. Lead times are normally just 7/10 days. New to the range is a Vmq core in white colour with both FDA and USP class VI compliance



Spring-Oring The Spring-Oring™ is a flat stainless steel strip formed into a precision spring then fully encapsulated in a jacket of Fep or Pfa and is ideal for sealing at extremely low temperatures where traditional elastomers suffer from brittleness. Low compression set properties allow effective sealing down as low as -250C in Cryogenic situations.

20 different cross sections are available with inside diameters starting at 12.70mm. Lead times are 14 working days and our pricing is very competitive.


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